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A distortion pedal creates a crunchy, saturated tone by overdriving your guitar’s signal.

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Turn up the heat with our selection of distortion pedals, designed to add grit, crunch, and sustain to your guitar sound

Description of the Pedal

Distortion pedals are one of the most popular types of guitar effects, used by a variety of guitarists across different genres. They can be used to add some grit and sustain to your sound, or to create overdriven or distorted tones that range from mild to wild.

How the Pedal Works

Distortion pedals work by amplifying the signal from your guitar and then clipping it to create a distorted sound. There are a variety of ways that this clipping can be achieved, such as using diodes, transistors, or op-amps. Some pedals also allow you to adjust the amount of gain or distortion, as well as tone-shaping options like bass and treble.

Description of the Pedal

Our distortion pedal offers a wide range of distortion tones that can be tailored to suit your playing style. With a simple control layout that includes a gain knob, tone knob, and level knob, you can easily dial in the perfect amount of distortion for your needs. The pedal is built with high-quality components and features true bypass switching to ensure your guitar signal remains pure and unaltered when the pedal is not in use.

Whether you’re looking for classic rock tones or heavier, modern distortion, our pedal has got you covered. With its sturdy construction and intuitive controls, this pedal is perfect for players of all levels who want to add some extra grit and distortion to their sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Jack inputs
    • Input
    • Output
    • Power
  • ¬†Controls
    • Gain
    • Tone
    • Volume

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