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A compressor pedal evens out the dynamic range of your guitar’s signal, resulting in a smoother and more consistent tone

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Add sustain, clarity, and consistency to your guitar sound with our range of compressor pedals, perfect for everything from country to metal.


If you’re looking to even out the dynamics of your guitar’s signal and add sustain and clarity to your tone, a compressor pedal may be just what you need. In this article, we’ll explore what compressor pedals do and how they can enhance your guitar sound.

How the pedal works

A compressor pedal is designed to reduce the dynamic range of your guitar’s signal, which means it will boost quieter sounds and limit louder sounds. This results in a more consistent and even tone, with sustained notes that ring out longer. A compressor pedal is typically placed near the beginning of the signal chain, where it can even out the signal before it reaches other pedals and your amp.

Description of the pedal

Our selection of compressor pedals offers a wide range of options to suit any playing style or genre. Whether you’re looking for subtle compression to add sustain and clarity to your playing, or more aggressive compression to create a unique and powerful tone, we have the perfect pedal for you. Our compressors feature adjustable parameters such as attack, release, and ratio, allowing you to fine-tune your sound to your exact specifications. Many of our pedals also include true bypass switching and other advanced features, making them an essential addition to any guitarist’s rig.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.0*11.2*3.1 cm
  • True Bypass Switch
  • Controls
    • Compression Level
    • Gain
  • Led: Ultralight Blue for clear visibility also at lighting stages


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