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An overdrive pedal adds warmth and crunch to your guitar sound by pushing your amp into natural distortion

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Get the classic rock tones you crave with our range of overdrive pedals, perfect for everything from blues to hard rock


An overdrive pedal is an essential part of any guitarist’s arsenal. It’s a type of distortion pedal that can produce a wide range of sounds, from a slight boost in volume to a full-on distortion. It’s the perfect tool for getting that classic rock sound, and it’s also used in blues, country, and other genres.

How the Pedal Works

An overdrive pedal works by clipping the peaks of the guitar signal, which creates a distorted sound. This is achieved by increasing the gain of the signal to the point where it begins to clip. The overdrive pedal then shapes the clipped waveform to produce a range of distortion sounds, from subtle to heavy.

Description of the Pedal

The overdrive pedal is a popular choice for guitarists looking to add some grit and distortion to their sound. It can be used to add sustain to solos, to fatten up chords, or to add some grit to a clean tone. Some overdrive pedals have a boost function that can be used to push the signal harder, producing even more distortion.

When choosing an overdrive pedal, it’s important to consider the type of sound you’re looking for. Some overdrive pedals produce a smooth, creamy sound, while others are more aggressive and in-your-face. The type of pedal you choose will depend on your playing style and the type of music you play.

Technical Specifications:

  • Jack inputs
    • Input
    • Output
    • Power
  • True Bypass
  • Ultra Brilliant Green LED
  • ¬†Controls
    • Gain
    • Tone
    • Volume


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