EMS Cleaner BUFFER (no Switch)

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A buffer pedal helps to preserve your guitar’s signal strength over long cable runs or complex pedalboards

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Keep your guitar’s tone pure and strong with our selection of buffer pedals, designed to maintain signal integrity and clarity.


A buffer pedal may not be the most exciting pedal in your collection, but it plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your guitar’s signal. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what buffer pedals do and why they’re an essential addition to any guitarist’s rig.

How the pedal works

A buffer pedal is essentially an amplifier that’s designed to preserve the strength and clarity of your guitar’s signal. When you plug your guitar into a pedalboard, the signal travels through a series of cables and pedals before reaching your amp. Each connection can weaken the signal, resulting in a loss of tone and clarity. A buffer pedal is typically placed at the beginning of the signal chain, where it helps to counteract the signal loss caused by long cable runs and multiple pedals.

Description of the pedal

Our selection of buffer pedals features a range of high-quality options that are perfect for keeping your guitar’s tone strong and clear. Whether you’re playing in a large venue with lots of cables and pedals or simply want to maintain the purity of your tone, a buffer pedal is an essential addition to your setup. Our pedals offer a variety of features, including adjustable gain, tone shaping, and true bypass switching. Many of our buffer pedals are also designed to be compact and pedalboard-friendly, making them a convenient and versatile choice for any guitarist.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Input
  • Jack Input
  • Jack Output

WARNING: New Version has no switch and no LED, because it’s new schematics make it suitable to work always on


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