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EMS Apex Alpine – The Ultimate High-Quality Fuzz Pedal

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The EMS Apex Alpine fuzz pedal redefines excellence with military-grade Vishay resistors, WIMA and KEMET capacitors, and Nichicon aluminum organic polymer capacitors. Offering versatile silicon and germanium configurations, including classic and custom fuzz faces, this pedal provides unmatched sound quality and durability. A perfect choice for guitarists who demand the best in tone and construction.

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Introducing the EMS Apex Alpine, a state-of-the-art fuzz pedal that sets a new standard in tone and build quality. Designed for discerning guitarists, this pedal combines classic fuzz tones with unparalleled material excellence.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material Components: Elevate your sound with military-grade Vishay resistors, WIMA MKP, FKP, and KEMET Polypropylene (PP) capacitors, along with Nichicon aluminum organic polymer capacitors. These high-end components ensure superior sound quality, durability, and reliability.
  • Versatile Fuzz Configurations: Choose from standard fuzz face silicon (BC108C, BC183L), Axis Face, custom fuzz face with BC108, and germanium options (AC128, AC107, OC44). The EMS Apex Alpine adapts to your sonic needs.
  • Integrated Inverter Circuit: Easily chain with other pedals while maintaining signal integrity, thanks to the innovative inverter design.
  • Customizable and Dynamic Tone: Achieve a wide array of fuzz tones, from velvety germanium warmth to the crisp, aggressive edge of silicon.
  • Rugged and Road-Ready Design: Built to last, the EMS Apex Alpine can endure the most demanding touring schedules and studio sessions.

Ideal For:

  • Guitarists seeking exceptional sound quality and build in a fuzz pedal.
  • Players who value the nuances of high-grade electronic components in their gear.
  • Musicians looking for a versatile, robust pedal that delivers both classic and modern fuzz tones.

Experience the pinnacle of fuzz pedal craftsmanship with the EMS Apex Alpine – where legendary tone meets premium build quality.


AC128, BC108, BC183L, OC44 Mullard Germanium, AC107 Mullard Germanium


Axis Face style(more clear), Classic

Volume Potentiometer

Classic 500K, Axis face 100K

Volume Output

Classic, More volume


Standard EMS, 70's Artistic Resin-Coated


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