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125b Pre Drilled 3 Pot Top Mount

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Looking to build a high-quality custom pedal that stands the test of time? Our diecast aluminum enclosures are the perfect solution. With pre-drilled holes and a top-mount design, these enclosures provide ample space and convenience for all your components. Order today and build the pedal of your dreams!

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125b pre drilled 3 pot top mount

Are you looking to build a high-quality pedal that is both durable and easy to assemble? Look no further than our aluminum enclosures! With their sturdy construction and convenient pre-drilled holes, our enclosures make it easy to build a pedal that will stand the test of time.

Our diecast aluminum enclosures are sized at 122x67x36mm, providing ample space for all the components you need to build a pedal that delivers the tone and performance you want. The enclosure comes with pre-drilled holes for 1 footswitch, 3 potentiometers, 1 LED-holder, 1 DC jack isolated and 2 mono- or stereo-jacks, so you can get started building your pedal right away.

One of the key benefits of our enclosures is their top-mount design, which places the phone jacks on the front of the enclosure rather than on the sides. This makes it easier to connect your pedal to other devices in your signal chain, and ensures that your pedal is both compact and easy to use.

Technical Specifications

Our enclosures feature the following diameters:
– Footswitch: 12mm
– Jacks: 10mm
– DC-jack: 12mm
– Potentiometer: 8mm
– LED-holder: 8mm

With these dimensions, our enclosures are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of components, including switches, pots, and LEDs. And with the included bottom-plate and screws, you can be sure that your pedal will be securely mounted and ready for action.


Assembling a pedal with our aluminum enclosures is easy, even for those with limited experience in pedal building. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Gather your components: Before you begin assembling your pedal, make sure you have all the components you need, including resistors, capacitors, transistors, and any other necessary components.
  2. Drill any additional holes: If you need additional holes for your components, such as switches or LEDs, use a drill bit that matches the diameter of the component and carefully drill the hole.
  3. Mount your components: Once you have all your components and holes drilled, use nuts and bolts to mount your components to the enclosure. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each component to ensure proper installation.
  4. Connect your components: Once all your components are mounted, connect them according to the circuit diagram for your pedal. Make sure to double-check all connections to ensure proper functionality.
  5. Close the enclosure: Finally, attach the bottom-plate to the enclosure using the included screws. Make sure that everything is securely fastened and that there are no loose components that could cause damage or malfunction.

With these simple steps, you can build a high-quality pedal that delivers the tone and performance you want. So why wait? Order your aluminum enclosure today and start building the pedal of your dreams!


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